My Story

My family and I moved from Riverton to Gillette in November of 2008. After painting the house, unpacking, and the holidays were over I found myself becoming depressed. I was a stay at home mom, and I didn't know anyone in this "new" town. I was afraid to go anywhere for fear of getting lost, and I started to want to move back to Riverton... I joined Scentsy January 10th 2009 and boy what a difference it has made in our lives. I have met many wonderful people, some of whom I don't know what I did without them and could not imagine them not in my life now!!! I'm not afraid to explore new parts of town to find a hostess, and the most important is I am bringing an income into our house hold when my husband’s income has dropped off from what is used to be.  In September 2009 just 9 months after joining Scentsy my husband and I attended the Scentsy Alaskan Voyage Trip, (a dream trip that I had earned) and we discovered what an amazing company Scentsy truly is. Now Scentsy is the family business! I am no longer a 'stay at home mom' but rather a 'work from home mom'. My husband drives me around and does 'Scentsy' errands and my two children help label and bag up orders. They even like to demonstrate how safe the wax is by putting their fingers in it to show that it's a very safe candle. June 2012 I earned a second trip to the Dominican Republic and this time I earned it with one of the many AMAZING team members on my growing team. I went ziplining and snorkeling even swam with sting rays and nurse sharks! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would earn 1 trip and here I have earned 2!!!!! This trip was just as amazing as the first, Scentsy treats us amazingly well!!!!! If you like candles you will LOVE Scentsy! With Scentsy, DREAMS really can come true!!! Just ask me I'm living proof!!!<!--endbody-->